Freestyle Rules

Rules of the Ice & The Forgotten Punchcard Policy

Freestyle Rules

It is the intention of the NTPRD Chiller and its staff to provide a safe and positive environment for all skaters. In addition to showing respect and good manners, please review and abide by the following rules while skating on the ice.

Guest Coaching Policy

All guest coaches must be pre-approved by the Figure Skating Director prior to teaching on Chiller sessions.  Guest coaches must submit:  Proof of liability insurance, PSA Membership & USFS registration. Intended teaching schedule must be emailed to the director.  Guest coaches will check in at the front desk before taking the ice and pay a 20% guest fee.  The NTPRD Chiller reserves the right to deny teaching privileges at their discretion.

Rules of the Ice

  1. These figure skating sessions are limited in size to 25 skaters per session, level Freeskate 1 and up. This is on a first-come first-served basis. Basic skills skaters must be with a Chiller or approved professional coach.
  2. The Chiller reserves the right to cancel sessions with low enrollment.
  3. Skaters must check in at the front desk and/or the rink-side ice monitor prior to the start of each session to obtain a wristband. Punch cards must be collected immediately after finishing a session. Left behind punch cards will be sent to the Dublin office.
  4. Ice monitors may be assigned to sessions as deemed necessary by building management.
  5. Parents, spectators and skaters are asked to not stand at the ice surface door. The ice surface door must remain open and unblocked at all times. Please view skaters from all other areas of the rink.
  6. Please do not interrupt other skaters or coaches during a session. Do not yell across the ice. Do not interfere with another skater's session or lesson.
  7. All skaters must read and follow the safety rules posted by the Chiller.
  8. Any skater performing their program with their music has the ultimate right of way. Please take a moment when program music is being played to identify the skater it belongs to.
  9. Any skater in a private lesson has the right of way secondary to any skater performing their program with music.
  10. The jump harness may only be used by Chiller coaches on staff. Skaters may not use the jump harness with one another.
  11. All skaters must yield and re-direct the skating around a skater and coach using the jump harness (except for a skater performing their program to music).
  12. Zamboni doors must be closed before skaters may take the ice. Ice surface doors must be closed while an ice make is in progress.
  13. Only water bottles will be permitted on the ice. No other food or drink is permitted.
  14. Props are not permitted on the ice unless the session is designated Showcase or ISI practice ice. Skaters may not leave anything on the boards during an ice resurfacing. Skaters must remove all items they bring out to the surface/boards.
  15. Skaters must be cognizant of jump patterns and not linger in the corners of the ice. If a skater wishes to practice for several minutes in one spot, the skater is responsible for watching for other skaters setting jumps and must move out of a jumper's way.
  16. Skaters may have their music played a second time in a single session if time allows. Music may be played an additional time or times if all other skaters wishing to have their music played have had their music played at least once.
  17. Coaches may "bump the line" and play their student's music if they are giving a lesson to that student.
  18. Coaches may not "bump the line" for their students not in a lesson. A coach may not "bump the line" twice for the same student in the same ice time if other skaters wishing to hear their music have not yet had their music played.
  19. For the safety of everyone, coaches and students may not sit on the boards.
  20. All warm-up music must be acceptable for all ages. Music with adult language or content will not be permitted.
  21. Warm-up music may not be played excessively loud. Please remember coaches must be able to talk and be heard over any music.
  22. For the safety of all skaters working on the ice, skaters are asked to please socialize in the off-ice areas and not on the ice surface.
  23. Please be respectful of the Chiller Sound Equipment; it is very costly to replace. Do not unhook or move equipment or change settings. If you need help, ask the Building Manager.

Forgotten Punchcard Policy

Punch cards are the same as cash and the Chiller cannot assume responsibility for cards left behind. It is each skater's responsibility to retrieve his/her card at every session.

To address and resolve the issue of forgotten cards, we instituted the following policies:

  • When a punch card is left behind, it will be sent to Denise Hughes at the Chiller Admin offices.
  • These punch cards may be re-claimed by the skater if the skater leaves a self-addressed, stamped envelope with a Chiller building manager.
  • The envelopes will be used to return the cards minus 2 punches to cover a $5.00 facility processing fee.
  • Skaters will have to purchase new cards until their old ones have been returned.
  • The Chiller reserves the right to discontinue the sale of punch cards to any skater who repeatedly leaves his/her cards. These skaters will have to pay for ice time on a day-to-day basis.