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Competitive and Recreational Figure Skating

Skaters that desire one on one instruction and advancement into recreational and competitive figure skating can take private lessons during the OhioHealth Chiller's extensive freestyle schedule. Private lessons and freestyle ice times are offered at Dublin, North and Easton.

Skaters in private lessons set their personal goals with their private skating instructor and advance more rapidly with individual attention and independent practice. Skaters may desire to perform in OhioHealth Chiller Ice Shows and Competitions or just cultivate their skills at their own pace. Private instruction offers students a personal skating development plan to suit each skater's unique needs, schedule and ability.

There are two costs with private skating instruction.

  1. Freestyle Ice Time - Paid directly to the Chiller facilities
  2. Private Instructor Lesson Fees - Paid directly to the teacher

Freestyle Ice Time - $16.00 per hour.

Private Instructor Lesson Fees - Chiller Instructors charge $18 -$30 for 30 minute lessons. Each coach has a different rate. To find a coach, please contact Jessica Ott.

Our goal is to provide professional coaching and outstanding facilities for competitive skaters. Training is individualized so each skater can focus on every aspect of their performance and skill development.

Freestyle Info

Please check the Freestyle schedule for specific session times & updates.

Please note: Freestyle schedule changes occur periodically and are updated online immediately. Please check back regularly to be sure you have the latest updates or call the rink before coming if you're in doubt. At the request of students and instructors, the schedules are released months in advance.  Therefore, unforeseen changes will occur and we do not release a printed schedule for that reason. Please check the schedule below to verify session times - select the date range you want to view and sort by date/time or location.


Polices are designed to provide safe facilities for all of our guests and staff, while making ice time available to as many skaters as is reasonable. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

  • Freestyle High Sessions - Juvenile and Above
  • Freestyle Low & General Sessions - Basic 4 and Above
  1. ONLINE registrations and payments are REQUIRED for all freestyle sessions. Customers AND coaches must register in advance to reserve their space. No Walk-In payments are accepted.
  2. User accounts must be established in each SKATER’s name; registrations and payments may not be made for a skater using a parent’s or coach’s user account.
  3. Skaters and coaches must check in at the front desk prior to any freestyle session. Skaters may NOT get on the ice early or stay after their registered ice time. If a skater, or coach, is on the ice before or after their purchased ice time they will receive a negative $8.00 credit on their account. Skaters will not be able to split sessions or pay by 15-minute increments.
  4. No one is permitted to stand at the ice surface doors. This includes parents, friends, or spectators. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  5. Any skater wishing to run a program with the belt on has the right of way. Skaters may run their freestyle program 2 times per 30-minute session. Ice dancers may run their programs 6 times per 30-minute sessions. This is due to the length of the programs. If there is not a line, and a skater wishes to run a program again, they may do so without the belt and should not expect right of way. The line for skating programs will be 2 coaches then 1 skater.
  6. Backward spirals and hydroblades must always have a spotter.
  7. Props are only permitted on sessions with 5 skaters or less. The coach wishing to have props must ask coaches on the session for permission. The coach using props must be standing beside the prop if it is placed on the ice.
  8. At all Chiller locations, the jump corners are designated as the lobby ends of the rink. Skaters and coaches who wish to use the hockey circles for a period of time MUST use the Zamboni end of the rink. Coaches are reminded not to stand in the middle of the ice.
  9. Air pods are NOT permitted on freestyle sessions.
  10. Full hockey gear is not permitted on freestyle sessions. Skaters may wear hockey pants, but shoulder pads are not permitted. Hockey skaters on freestyle after 3pm must be Basic 5 or lower. Hockey players above that level may do lessons on morning sessions during the week from 7-9am, or on the weekend freestyle sessions.
  11. Skaters who wish to practice on their own on freestyle sessions must have passed Basic 3 or be 18 years or older.
  12. Semi-private lessons must have no more than 3 skaters at a time.